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Effective & Affordable
Solution to Your Complex Tasks of​​

Optometry Billing and Credentialing

is Just a Click Away!

Our Solutions

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Billing Solutions

Let our team of optometry billing specialists increase cash flow and eliminate billing concerns for you. Our clients routinely see 3X returns on their monthly investments.

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HIPAA Compliance

Meet your requirements quickly and easily with our affordable compliance solutions. Save even more with our Eye Comply Pro Bundle.

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Customized services tailored to meet your need for medical credentialing and insurance credentialing (commercial, Medicare/Medicaid, vision) with our team of experts

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Revenue Building

Optimize revenue cycle management and protect your practice utilizing our xCPTional program. CS EYE’s easy-to-use clinical care and revenue enhancement tool can help you generate $30,000 to $50,000+ in revenue per 1000 patients

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Audit and Chart Review

Protect your practice and meet OIG requirements with annual chart reviews. Our team of Certified Professional Coders will review your documentation and your medical coding correctly to maximize your reimbursements

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Rate Your Risk

Many practitioners are confused about if their optometry billing solutions are compliant or not. Use our free tool to get immediate feedback on your current compliance level.

Why Us

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Helps You Manage Your Revenue Cycle
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Helps You Get Credentialed the First Time
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Helps You Stay on Top of Recredentialing Deadlines
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CPC & CPOC Certified Billing Team
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Simplifies Your Compliance & Billing
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Increases Your Cash Flow
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Increases Reimbursements & Reduces Rejections
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Helps You With Compliance for HIPAA, ACA & OIG
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Cleans Up Your Old Account Receivables
Benefit From Our FREE Practice Assessment!
We promise to keep it confidential.

The HIPAA Security Rule

Watch this short video to quickly understand what is expected of providers to ensure HIPAA Compliance.

Benefit From Our FREE Practice Assessment!
We promise to keep it confidential.

Our Solutions

About Us

We don't just know the business, we have lived the business. From our executive team, to our incredible supporting staff, we have the industry knowledge you need to get results.

Our Partners


We are proud to partner with the best in the industry.  Through our partner network we are able to bring you all the expertise you need for every aspect of your practice.  Learn how partner members can save on all products and services.

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Get effective, affordable solutions to simplify your complex Optometry billing tasks

What to Expect From Your Free, No-obligation Consultation?

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A call from one of our experts, at your convenience
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Understanding of your problem
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Brief introduction of our services that make your life easier
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The key to solving your problem and how we can help


Thank you so much for the services your company has provided for my practice. Our profits are up, our patients out of pocket costs are down, and everyone is happy. My staff is confident that they are billing and coding properly, and have no fear of an audit anymore.

Steven Beals, OD


We will give you the ability to focus all of your time, money and energy on the day-to-day running of your business and leave all the complex tasks to us!

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