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Audit and Chart Review Services

to Maximize Your Reimbursements

Chart Audits

What it is?

CS EYE conducts chart audits to ensure your documentation meets requirements and can pass an audit.

Why do I need this?

Along with protecting your practice in the event of an audit, paper and online chart audits provide necessary education to maximize reimbursements you receive.

Audit Assistance

What it is?

Have you received a request for medical billing records? Are you in the midst of an audit or have a request for a "self-audit"? Our industry experts, consisting of auditors that have worked with Medicare auditors, Medicaid auditors, RAC auditors and commercial plan auditors will guide you through the process and provide pre-audit results to help you prepare.

Why do I need this?

Our Corrective Action Plans and Progressive Corrective Action Plans are prepared for you and designed to be in line with what the payers are expecting. We minimize exposure and mitigate fines, penalties and more



We will give you the ability to focus all of your time, money and energy on the day-to-day running of your business and leave all the complex tasks to us!
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