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We are committed to enhancing and protecting your profits by partnering and in-sourcing your compliance and billing.  We invest in proven leaders and certified team members who share our desire to help and bring you the highest level of expertise in the industry at an affordable rate.  


Our goal is to increase reimbursements and efficiency so that we more than pay for our services every month.  We provide the most effective, affordable solutions and make them easy for you to implement.


Find out the many solutions we offer and get on the path to success with CS EYE today.

Our Team

Committed to helping you succeed, protecting your practice and making a difference for you.

The Difference

Each member of our CS EYE team has one defining characteristic that sets our team apart, we care.


We care about protecting you and assisting your practicing in receiving the value it should for the care you provide.


We care about maintaining a long term relationship with you and your practice.

Corporate Office

279 N Medina St.  Suite 280

Loretto, MN  55357



Executive Team

Jon Weeding 

President, Managing Partner



Rob Marcella

Vice President, Managing Partner



Laurie Zabel

Chief Compliance Officer



Deborah Vilawys

Billing Services Manager


Rebecca Douglas

Billing Services Manager

We don't just know the business, we have lived the business. From our executive team to our incredible supporting staff we have the industry knowledge you need to get results


The staff of CS EYE has a variety of experience in the field of Optometry and Ophthalmology, including certifications from AAPC, AHIMA and AOA.  In addition, many staff members have worked in vision offices as technicians, office managers and billing staff. 


Contat Exec team
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