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Claims Fax: 888-898-2102

Email: (please do not email any patient information)

Phone: 866-551-0232, option 2

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General Information

Claim Submissions: Please submit claims as soon after the date of service as possible

Claim Corrections:  If you are submitting a claim with a correction, please submit these separate from new claims and identify when the original claim was sent.  Make sure to write "corrected claim" at the top of the claim form.

Re-submissions:  If you have a question on whether we received a claim, please complete a claims research form unless we have requested you resubmit the claim to our office.   In that case please write "re-submission" at the top of the claim form.

Secondary Claims:  If the patient's Medicare is not set up for crossover and you are submitting a claim that needs to be manually filed to a secondary insurance, please make sure to include a copy of the patients card as well as a copy of the EOB when faxing.  Patients can set up their crossover by contacting Medicare.  Please note:  Secondary claims sent manually are considered an additional claim and will be invoiced as such.  

Claims Inquiries: Claims inquiries and EOB's are available through our portal.  If you do not have portal access, please contact us at  Portal access: CvikotaPortal

Adding a Provider: If you would like to add a provider to your billing account, please email and include a copy of the Medicare letter showing the doctor has been approved.  Also, please make sure you have the doctor properly linked to your group, by completing the Medicare 855R form or contacting Medicare Provider Enrollment Department prior to submitting claims.  Claims will be denied/rejected if this step has not been completed.

ICD 10 Codes:  Please make sure you have the newest diagnosis code information when coding claims.  For your convenience we have uploaded a list of commonly used diagnosis codes below.  This list was updated as of 12/8/17.  This for your reference and may be printed for use in your office only.  

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