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Concentrate on New Business Opportunities

Allow Us to Manage Your Optometry Billing Needs 

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  • Uninterrupted cash flow can be a profitable asset.

  • Manage your billing tasks efficiently.

  • Expand your business; not your staff!

  • Save more with efficient collection and spend less on additional resources.

  • We have a complete and customized package for your billing needs.

  • Increase cash flow with our faster, simpler, and affordable optometry billing solutions.

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Let Industry Experts Work for You


Compliant Billing Solutions

Compliant Billing Solutions is a complete package of optometry billing services, along with our full range of compliance products to keep your compliance up to date.

Includes our full compliance package:  xCPTional Revenue Enhancement Tool, CS EYE Academy Training, HIPAA Risk Assessment and Chart Audits.

Denial Management Service

What it is?

Recover lost revenue and support your billing staff with our Denial Management Service. Have denials?  We have the answer.

Why do I need this?

 In addition to delayed revenue, denial resolution costs you money.  Our team of experts can provide the assistance to get you paid what you deserve.  Support your billing staff and recover lost revenue with our Denial Management Service.  Instead of traditional "outsourcing", we use Insourcing to keep you in control of your revenue. 


A/R Recovery

What it is?

An Accounts receivable solution to recover funds for you and allow you to return the cash flow you need to run your practice.  

Why do I need this?

Is your Accounts Receivable out of control?  Get the money you are due now.  Let our team tackle the problem and work to resolve those outstanding balances quickly


Outsourcing billing in optometry is the new formula for success. Get in touch with us to avail our eye care billing solutions and concentrate on tapping new business opportunities.
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