15 Common and Most Important Medical Billing and Insurance Terms to Know in 2021

Medical billing and health insurance processes are an integral part of today’s healthcare industry. These areas have a set of common yet most important terms that every health care provider must be aware of. Read on to learn about these terms and their meaning and ensure error-free operations in the area of medical billing and health insurance.

Medical billing and insurance are among the most important yet the most complex processes that all healthcare service providers must carry out for running their practice successfully. However, most fail to understand many of the important medical billing and insurance terms, which ultimately leads to successful claim management and improved reimbursements.

In this article, we will simplify the most important medical billing and insurance terms that you will be needing in streamlining your business operations in the new year 2021.

An appeal is a process through which a healthcare provider can convince an insurance provider company to compensate for more through a claim. Any healthcare provider can process an appeal on a claim only in case of denied claims or claim rejections.