Clever Strategies to Verify Patient Eligibility and Reduce Claim Rejections

Every optometry provider must verify a patient's insurance eligibility and benefits in order to get maximum reimbursements for their services. Eligibility verification plays a critical role in identifying the amount a patient may owe to the provider. Providing effective cost estimates not only reduces future denied claims for your optometry practice but also helps in boosting patient satisfaction.

Looking for smart optometry billing practices to bring claim denials and rejections down to a minimum? Have a look at these effective tips to enhance your operations and streamline patient eligibility and benefits verification for your optometry insurance. This helps in keeping your claims clean and minimizing any possibilities of claims rejections or denials.

Verifying Authenticity of Insurance Data

Every optometry service provider must ensure the insurance eligibility of a patient before providing services. This helps in avoiding claim denial possibilities. To verify patient's insurance eligibility, providers must collect details including:

  • Insurer's or patient’s full name with correct spellings

  • Relationship between patient and verified insurer

  • Patient's correct date of birth

  • Correct insurance billing address