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Rate your Risk

Each day it becomes increasingly more important that you know your potential audit risks and how you may appear to auditors. Knowledge is power and once you know, you have already taken that first step toward compliance.


Our confidential Rate your Risk Assessment is divided into 2 sections: Compliance Analysis and CPT & Revenue Analysis. The total time to complete the entire assessment is approximately 10-15 minutes.  Choose a section below to begin.  You will have the option to complete the next section when you are done.


Things you will need before you begin:


For the Compliance Analysis you will walk through a series of questions to evaluate your written policies and procedures as well as any previous risk assessment you have performed.  No reports are needed for this section.


For the Revenue Analysis, you will need to have a list of your current fees per CPT code.  

For the CPT Analysis, you will need to run a production report showing a minimum of 3 months of CPT Code usage.  (We recommend 12 months of usage.)


If you are unsure how to run your reports please call us at 866-551-0232, option 1 or click to Contact Us.  


Click one of the buttons below to begin.  

More About Rate Your Risk


We designed this tool to compare your practice against auditing and industry benchmarks to identify risks and opportunities. Rest assured the information you provide is strictly confidential and is not given to anyone outside of CS Eye. 


Compliance with HIPAA and other Affordable Care Act regulations are a critical part of patient care. Written policies and procedures, as well as having a practice risk analysis completed and action plan implemented, are required. You can rate your compliance risk by completing the Compliance Analysis.


The CPT & Revenue Analysis will analyze your fee schedule and CPT usage to identify audit red flags and determine if there are additional revenue opportunities available for your practice.  


You will have the opportunity to save your results and receive a summary via email. We will happily review your results with you and you can schedule a convenient meeting time within the app.  In addition, you can "Get Compliant Now" at a significant savings by using our online tool to order compliance programs from within this assessment.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a comprehensive compliance analysis.

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