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What We Do

Provide CS EYE with a production report of the last 12 months CPT usage and receive a review of findings on your potential audit and medical legal exposure/risk, as well as a review of areas you may be missing additional revenue.  


Clinical care guidelines are paramount to insuring you are seeing, treating and testing patients with pathology and/or disease at the proper intervals.  Examining and testing patients too infrequently leads to medical legal exposure should their vision change abruptly.  Examining and testing patients too frequently leads to audit exposure.


National guidelines for optometry will also allow CS EYE to compare your practice to identify areas where your practice can focus on, using xCPTional to maximize your revenue and protect your clinic.

Begin Your Analysis

To begin your analysis, please provide a CPT usage report (production report) for the past 12 months.   

Instructions on how to run the reports are listed below by software vendor

  • Click on a file below to view the instructions for your specific software.

  • Once you have generated and saved your report, upload the file by clicking the UPLOAD REPORT button below.

  • Click the SCHEDULE NOW button to schedule your review.

Reviews are scheduled 3 business days in advance to allow CS EYE the necessary time to process the data provided and create your Eye Profile for review.


If you would prefer to fax your report, please fax to 877-551-0233 attn: Eye Profile Review


About CSEye

We are committed to enhancing & protecting your profits by partnering and in-sourcing your compliance and billing. We invest in proven leaders and certified team members who share our desire to help and bring you the highest level of expertise in the industry at an affordable rate. 


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